Paleontologists and paleogeographists are digging up so many things in the past that are so incredible that we’ve come up with our own beautiful interpretations of Earth during its glorious past.

Animals and plants diversified and unequally glorified but still naturally beautiful are geological events that determined the fate of life on Earth.

Their stories to us now are both interesting and educational.

So, what about our own era in Earth’s geological encapsulation?

Little by little we are making fossils out of our lives here on Earth but instead of preserving great stories, we are fossilizing plastics and toxic waste, high densities of green house gases that Earth has never experienced before, a centimeter-only worth of fossils of species which meant rapid extinctions.

If I were an explorer digging up Anthropocene, I would NEVER know about Obama becoming the first non-white skinned president nor that LOVE won. Instead, I will only know that humans killed each other for survival: burried weapons, concentration of radioactive elements that translates to a nuclear war, and mass graves that would mean mass killing or spoils of war.

So, all these great events in our lives as part of a complex society right now are great and all but in the future, when the Pacific is no longer an ocean, the only remnants of our glorious days are the horrible stuff we’ve made on Earth.

And no, there’s no chance of changing it. It’s too late to turn back.

April 20, 2018

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